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About us

Autodidactic Perfection Instead of a Traditional Career Path

Our journey to Loumi Dining is far from linear and so is our intuitive cooking style. What began as private dinner events with our closest friends quickly evolved into word-of-mouth recommendations, high demand, and the initial concept of an alternative career.

We didn't follow the typical educational route but rather pursued our passion. We continued to develop our talents through independent learning, later perfecting them with various internships in the world of Michelin-starred cuisines. 
The Parisian restaurant AT expanded our skillset to with seafood, Votum in Hannover nurtured our creative culinary skills, London based restaurant Māos inspired us to explore fermentation techniques, and Ikoyi in London shaped our affinity for working with extraordinary spices and sauces.
For us, the opening of Loumi restaurant was the natural outcome of this process.

We are excited for what this next step of the journey will bring, and are thankful for our guests to be a part of it!

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