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Always on the look out for the best ingredients 

Seasonality is the main inspiration for our menu. Using seasonal products is our main focus in our menu creation. In the winter, you will find more meat, fish, and seafood options. During the summer time, mostly vegetables inspire our menu. 

'Intuitive Drinking' instead of traditional wine pairing

When it comes to drinks, it's all about taste and enjoyment. You can order your drinks according to your own preference. Fancy a glass of wine or a bottle? No problem, you have the choice. We also offer delicious non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling tea. 


The Menu

At Loumi, it's all about the ingredients.

Our menu, priced at €111 per person, is always inspired by the current season. It features eight different dishes in various sizes and presentations and is exclusively available on Fridays and Saturdays. On Wednesday and Thursdays, we offer a special four-course menu for only €68.


Additionally, we provide a selection of optional dishes that allow you to expand and customize your menu according to your preferences.

Our menu changes with the season. First comes the season, then the selection of fresh produce, and only then creative ideas come to life. At Loumi, our focus is on fresh ingredients.

Our culinary art is rooted in French fundamentals, incorporated with Japanese techniques, also drawing inspiration from Nordic influences. We like to employ Asian fermentation techniques and classic French sauces.

Here's a look at our current menu. Individual courses may change depending on availability.

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